The prestigious Bramante knitting company was born in 1986 at Sansepolcro, the Tuscan home-town of Piero della Francesca.

Yet, its genesis has more ancient origins.

The origins

Angela Carlotto Conti, together with her husband Elio Conti, are the founders of one of the greatest names among textile garment manifacturing companies in Italy.

She was born on december 17, 1919 at Cavarzese, in the province of Belluno; at the age of 13 she started working of knitting at the Sisters of Milan. Because of the World War, she spent some time in Africa and then, in 1947 she came back to Italy with her husband where they gave birth to the first knitting workroom at Sansepolcro.

As a woman of extraordinary stature, she always was a mentor and a permanent reference: a voice, a force, a support for the peolple of Sansepolcro both for work and everyday life.


italian knitwear


For over 40 years Bramante is at the hightest levels of Italian knitwear production.
Deeply linked to tradition, each Bramante’s piece combines style and innovation, thus preserving the quality that “Made in Italy” only may grant.

The accurate machining starts from the choice of the most appropriate yarns and knitting stitches. The wide range of colours and different yarns may vary from the most refined Italian cachemire threads to pure wool.

Bramante pays great attention to details and, for this reason, it represents a brand of undisputed quality.


Another point of force of every Bramante’s piece is represented by Its exceptional wearability and comfort that allow to meet all customers’ needs until the final possibility of making personalized garments in your own style.

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